Report a website fault

Please submit brief details of any suspected fault. It could be a fault or it could be user error, on whoever is using your website. We will investigate and get back to you. If you suspect the fault is with a third-party such as Paypal, you can report the fault directly to them and make us aware via this form.

In some cases, especially E-commerce websites, we may need your client’s details, if they agree we can have them, we won’t use these for any other reason than to investigate the suspected fault and track down their use of the website. We will not contact them without your permission. We will delete their details as soon as we no longer need them. We will never ask for financial details or dates of birth. 

You can also report any concerns or suspicious activity on your website. If in doubt, do not respond, do not call numbers or reply to anyone you are concerned about.  

You can upload screenshots if you have them.