Using the amendment popup

This is the help page for the amendment button you will see on staging websites.

Please only submit once amendment at a time, keep this brief and concise.
The purpose of the button is to send us any amendment instructions or faults that you see with the particular page that the button is on.When you submit an amendment, the system will tell us which device and page you have submitted it from so we know which page and device view you are referring to.So if you want to send an amendment in relation to a page, go to that page, find the red button at the bottom and submit a quick form which will come through to us for processing. You do not need to create an account for this process.EXAMPLE – If the amendment is only in relation to the desktop version i.e. viewed on a laptop, then submit the amendment from that device. If the amendment is only for mobile versions, submit the amendment from the mobile device. Different devices can sometimes show different content depending on the website design.If you’re not sure I need any help. Please contact us to discuss.